Tips for installing TV racks on different walls

The types of walls are mainly divided into brick walls, wood walls, decorative walls, glass walls, and marble walls. These walls have strict requirements on the size and spacing of screw holes. When installing a wall-mounted flat-panel TV, users should pay attention to different installation techniques according to different wall types:

1. The ordinary brick wall does not require special tools and processes. It is only necessary to use a percussion drill to drill a hole in the wall and tighten the screws and hang the TV.

2. Wall panels Walls are divided into solid wood panels and gypsum board walls. As long as the solid wood board is 2cm thick, use a tapping screw to directly fill the circle. If it is a gypsum board wall, you need to use a utility knife to drill a hole (to the size of your finger) at the center of the fixed point, and then place a 2cm thick hole in the upper hole of the hanger. The long wooden slats allow the self-tapping screws to penetrate the gypsum board and enter the wood slats during self-tapping, so that the force area is increased.

3, marble walls Marble walls are divided into marble and patterned marble. For the whole marble plate, use a glass drill. When using a glass drill, it must be drilled while watering the glass drill to prevent the glass drill from being burned. If the glass drill is difficult to drill through the wall, the impact drill can be used instead when it is drilled in half, but the impact drill must be placed in the drill file, otherwise it will crack the marble. After the hole is hit, the expansion screw can be installed until it is tight. For pattern marble, be careful when boring, because the patterned marble itself has lines on it, and a slightly larger vibration force can cause cracks to expand.

4, behind the glass wall glass wall and wall. If the glass wall is behind a brick wall, after the selected position, first drill with a glass, and also need to drill water while drilling, the selected glass drill bit must be larger than the impact drill bit of the brick wall, and the glass hole is played well. Afterwards, use the impact drill to drill the brick wall inside. In order to prevent the glass from being crushed when the screw is on, it is better to select the large screw of the expansion tube as the filling ring. The thickness of the packing can be chosen to be slightly thicker than the glass, and then tighten the screws. If the back of the glass plate is a wall, only the glass holes need to be drilled with glass. The glass hole should be slightly larger. After the hole is drilled, it can be put into the ring and then tapped with a self-tapping screw. The selected tapping screw must be used. Thicker than the thickness of the glass board is a little longer. Hotline

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Explosion-Proof Electric Hoist

Maximum Load:1000-100,0000kg

As a world`s leading Crane manufacture and service provider, we fit out our factory with first-rate manufacturing equipment, in addition to recruiting a team of ecperienced employees with great expertise. Hence we can ensure that every product products is completed to a high level of safety, reliability and quality. There are a full range of explosion-proof, spark-resistant electric chain hoists in our company that meet the latest explosion protection standards. Our products have been widely used in the food, chemical, and petroleum and natural gas industries as well as in any other potentially explosive environment.

We strictly follow the related ATEX 100a (94/90/CE) directives and CE directives in making qualified chain hoist that can be used in Zone1, Zone 2, Zone 21, and Zone 22 areas as classified in the ATEX directives.


  •       Explosion proof classification: EEx de IIB T4
  •       Standard lifting height: 3m
  •       One speed for lifting motion, or optional two speed for lifting motion 
  •       One speed for trolley travel, or optional two speed for trolley travel
  •       Degree of protection for motor: IP55
  •       Load moment limiter
  •       Pendant control station that contains an emergency stop button

Optional Configurations:

  •       Explosion proof classification: EEx de IC T4
  •       Upper Limit and lower limit switch
  •       Platform trolley that provides shorter headroom
  •       Remote control system
  •       Higher degree of protection
  •       Fire-resistant function: copper hook, copper lift wheel, anti-derail copper roller
  •       Anti-rotation hook

Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

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