New concept machine tool can create a market scale of 50 million yen in the future

In terms of the existing mode of operation, the current number of machine tools worldwide is about 10 million units. Assuming that the average price per machine is 12 million yen, and the annual update rate is 15 (the deterioration coefficient of old decay and staleness is 7 and 8 respectively), the market size of the machine tool needs to be updated to 18 million yen. Japanese industry experts have predicted that a new concept machine tool combining information technology will be used to drive the renewal of related equipment in line with the new production operation mechanism, which will create a market scale of 50 million yen in the future. According to reports, the demand forecast for new concept machine tools is mainly based on factors such as old decay, staleness, updated demand and alternative demand. The old decay refers to the natural deterioration of time, which is related to the depreciation period of the equipment. The generated demand is the update demand, that is, the new equipment supplemented with the same function after the original equipment is scrapped. Corrosion refers to the deterioration of technological technology backwardness. This degradation will accelerate with the acceleration of technology update speed. The generated demand is an alternative demand, such as abandoning three technologically backward equipment and introducing a new high-performance equipment. .

Copper Laser Cutting Parts

(1) It is used as a variety of industrial metal parts that like electronic component, auto spare parts, 

home appliance, industrial equipment...etc.Material based on SPCC and SGCC, stainless steel, aluminum alloy5052, 6063, 6061, Stainless steel 304, 316, 201, carbon steel,etc.

(2) Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, PDF, IGES/IGS, STP/STEPS, X_T, DXF etc..

(3) High precision as following: Carbon steel: 0.5mm~16mm,Stainless steel: 1mm~8mm,Aluminum alloy: 1mm~8mm,Brass: 1mm~4mm.

Accuracy: positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm, Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

(4) Main poduction machine: Laser Cutting Machine, CNC punching machine, welder, CNC bending machine

(5) Surface treatment: Polishing, grinding, gavanized, powder coating, nickel, zinc, chrome, silver, gold plating etc.

(6) For packing: A variety of packing methods can be used according to customers' requirement, such as carton , wood box, wood crate and pallet etc.

Copper Laser Cutting

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