GE Releases LED Smart Lighting Vision White Paper

From incandescent to LED era, GE Lighting is constantly advancing with the times and is always striving to create the perfect overall green lighting solution. Recently, with the State Council Premier Li Keqiang’s executive meeting of the State Council presided over the future work priorities: deploying and accelerating the implementation of China Manufacturing 2025 to achieve manufacturing upgrades; emphasizing the need to adapt to the development trend of the Internet, informatization and industrialization depth Focus on the main line, focusing on the development of smart manufacturing, green manufacturing and other technologies. Green smart lighting has become the focus of GE Lighting's future development in China. As one of the most forward-looking companies, GE Group took the lead in proposing the concept of industrial Internet, which will integrate the physical world with the data world to create the future. The boundaries between the physical world and the digital world are blurring. The convergence of cloud-based analytics (Big Data) with industrial equipment (large machines) creates enormous potential opportunities for productivity. As the cost of electronic sensors and the storage and processing of data has dropped dramatically, we are now able to fully exploit the vast amounts of data generated by industrial equipment. With advanced analytics, we gain insight and efficiency. As a result, global intelligence—the collective intelligence of the global human being integrated by digital communication networks—will become stronger and larger. Relying on the development platform of the big group, GE Lighting has made breakthroughs in the continuous development of LED lighting technology. In fact, it has already foreseen that the development of lighting technology in the future tends to integrate intelligent technology. Smart lighting will become the ubiquitous access point for smart cities and smart living. GE lighting equipment is characterized by simple maintenance, high energy efficiency, flexible adjustment, etc., and is a specific feature of the smart city concept; while wireless remote control, big data utilization and other technologies in the GE lighting system reflect the industrial Internet trend. A typical example of this is the important direction of GE Lighting's current research and development: intelligent lighting control, a representative LightGrid system. The LightGrid system is a solid part of GE's smart city development. As the most advanced road lighting system, LightGrid incorporates industry-leading features such as measurement, energy management, wireless central control, brightness control, data acquisition and communication, and security. At the same time, GE developed LED lighting as the carrier of indoor positioning system, realized the technology dream of consumers remote control lighting, opened a new chapter for smart home and created great value for customers. As one of the five major energy-consuming fields in the world, lighting will continue to upgrade its energy consumption as the city continues to develop. Therefore, it is imperative to reduce the consumption of energy by lighting through intelligent technology. Chen Hao, general manager of GE Lighting China, said: At present, LED technology can save nearly 40-70 compared with traditional technology. However, with the continuous progress of the population and society, in the future urban development, the lighting field should increase efforts to alleviate the pollution of the environment. Supported by the background of the Industrial Internet, machines, devices and computers allow us to access big data to drive productivity and efficiency. And we just need to integrate intelligence into lighting products to ensure they generate the ability to make data for decision making, thereby improving energy efficiency and better improving people's lifestyles. In the future, as the core of GE lighting development in China, with the release of China's future manufacturing action plan, GE Lighting will draw on overseas advanced technology and focus on domestic development to create a new sustainable development wisdom in China. The city, in China, will carry out a deeper approach to China's localization development strategy.

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