Analysis of the status quo of China's forging machinery industry

According to the Yubo Zhiye Market Research Center, the forging machinery industry is traditionally considered to be a simple and extensive device, and its use environment is far worse than other machine tools. Despite the fact that there are a considerable number of high-level products and sophisticated manufacturing facilities for casting equipment, forging equipment and even complete sets of production lines, it is still difficult to change the current situation of low entry barriers and extensive manufacturing.
Through the analysis of the status quo of China's forging machinery industry, we learned that the forging machinery industry started in the 50s of the last century and achieved self-sufficiency in the main forging machinery in the 1970s and 1980s, and it relied on the high quality and low price of products to occupy the world market. The bigger the share, the 80% of forging presses are exported every year.
According to the “2014-2018 China Forging Machinery and Equipment Industry Market Survey Report”, China's foundry and forging machinery industry still has a long-term existence of complete varieties of specifications, but there is a shortage of medium and low-end products and high-end products.
It can be proved from the import and export data of our forging machinery that imports are 3.3 times that of exports, and imported CNC forging presses are 1.78 times of all exports. The contrast between the import and export of foundry machinery is exactly the same. This reflects the significant increase in market demand for mid- to high-end products, and also reflects that domestic high-end and mid- to high-end products have obvious deficiencies in terms of technological level and output value, and cannot meet user needs in terms of product quality, technical indicators, and user services. For small and medium-sized and common-type products, we have only solved the problems, high-end products still rely on imports; in large, heavy, special-type equipment, the problem is more prominent.
Our domestic market share of CNC machine tools has reached 57%, but this share of the data constitutes most of the low-end CNC machine tools, part of the high-end ratio is low. The development trend of forging machinery summed up has the following characteristics: Precision precision forging technology is one of the development trends of forging technology in developed countries. Precision forging technology can improve product accuracy, reduce raw material consumption and improve die life. Reduce processing waste, reduce energy consumption, and reduce costs.
Precision forging technology has raised new requirements for forging machinery. For this reason, developed countries have used a large number of precision forging presses such as hot die forging presses, cold forging presses, warm forging presses, and precision punch presses. Thanks to the extensive use of precision forging equipment, forgings produced in developed countries can achieve a very high level of precision. For example, they can produce precision connecting rods with a mass tolerance of less than ±1%; a large number of car parts forgings can be 0.02 mm in diameter and concentric. Degree & le; 0.05mm, spare parts machining allowance only 0.30mm grinding amount, truly near-net shape. High-efficiency and high-efficiency is the combination of high-speed and compounding to improve processing efficiency.
In order to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency production, the forging machinery in developed countries has two directions of development: First, forging presses with higher development speed and faster cycle times. For example, the current production speed of small high-speed presses produced by JD Corporation of Japan may reach 4000spm. The second is the development of forging presses using composite processing technology, such as Germany, the United States, Japan have developed laser blanking composite machine tools, the combination of die punching and laser cutting organically, once the workpiece can be completed on the punching, punching Cutting, flanging, shallow stretching, cutting, and other processes, to maximize the saving of the auxiliary time, especially suitable for the processing of multi-hole and complex panel type workpieces and multi-species small batch sheet metal processing.
Green Energy Saving Energy-saving and emission reduction is a common topic in the world. Therefore, the energy saving of forging machinery is of great significance. Forging presses need to overcome the huge deformation resistance. The conventional presses are bulky and have high energy consumption. Electric servo drive presses bring new hope for energy saving of forging presses. Electric servo drive presses remove the flywheels, clutches and brakes. The structure is greatly simplified, not only the slider movement characteristics are arbitrarily adjustable, but also the energy saving effect is obvious. At present, electric servo direct drive technology has been applied to various types of presses such as screw presses, punch presses, hydraulic presses, cross wedge rolling presses, and bending presses.

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