· Nearly 600 central buses auctioned the wagon this month

The third round of central bus auctions will be opened five times this month, and a total of nearly 600 official vehicles will be auctioned, including some foreign-owned vehicles including luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Cadillac. Among them, the Huaxiang auction site opened on Saturday is the first auction in April and will be the eighth in the central bus auction.
Pay 50,000 yuan "free shot"
Han Tao, general manager of Beiqi Penglong Auction Co., Ltd. introduced that the organizers of the five auctions of this round are still Huaxiang Auction, Beiqi Penglong Auction and Zhongtuo Auction. Among them, Beiqi Penglong, which is located in the Xinfadi Auto Trading Market, will host two auctions, each auctioning about 100 buses, on April 13 and April 27. Huaxiang Auction Company will auction a total of about 200 official vehicles on April 11 and April 25 at the Huaxiang old car market; the Asian Games Village Auto Trading Market will host an auction on April 18th. Organized by the auction company, it will auction about 150 official vehicles. The previews for all sessions are located two days before the auction.
The auction rules for this round have not changed compared to the second round. In order to reduce the risk of default after the auction of the vehicle, the payment of RMB 20,000 bidding deposit can only be auctioned for one, while the consumer who pays RMB 50,000 bidding will not limit the number of bids. The deposit will be paid before the auction. Prevail.
The first appearance of the station wagon was on April 11th. A total of 124 buses participated in the auction. The “Car King” was two Audi FV7201TFG registered in February 2009 with the emission standard of Guosi. The starting price was 160,000 yuan; the lowest starting price was 7,500 yuan, is two Shanghai Santana 2000 registered in February 2000 and the emission standard is Guoyi.
The reporter found that the first auction in the third round included 7 Mercedes-Benz and 1 BMW, all of which were more than 10 years old. The starting price of Mercedes-Benz was between 10,000 yuan and 40,000 yuan, and BMW started shooting 50,000 yuan. Wang Yufeng, deputy general manager of Beijing Huaxiang Auction, told reporters that this model is more abundant and the environmental protection standards have been greatly improved. Some of the models are environmentally-friendly vehicles of Guosan and Guosi, which are expected to attract more attention.
According to the auction list released by Beiqi Penglong on April 13, a total of 104 buses participated in the auction, including a maximum starting price of 180,000 yuan. It is a Toyota registered in April 2005 with a mileage of 126,000 kilometers. car. Toyota is the largest number of models, reaching 22, and the starting price is mainly concentrated between 60,000 and 70,000 yuan.
In addition, the first appearance of the station wagon on the 13th auction roster, a total of three. The two auctions of Previa, which are over 10 years old, are both starting at 60,000 yuan. The other is Odyssey, which was registered in July 2007 and has a mileage of 114,000 kilometers. The starting price is 55,000 yuan.
761 buses have been photographed and found that in the seven central bus auctions that have been held before, a total of 761 buses were taken and 8 were auctioned. The total starting price of the vehicle was 2,705,500 yuan, the total transaction price was 51.9 million yuan, and the average premium rate was 91.86%.
The highest transaction price is the sixth auction, the transaction price has exceeded 10 million, reaching 10.255 million yuan; the highest premium rate is the fourth auction, the starting price is only 3.602 million yuan, and the total transaction price has reached 90.27 million yuan, the premium rate is as high as 150.6%.
In addition, the car with the highest bicycle transaction price appeared in the seventh auction that last week, and a Toyota Land Cruiser with a starting price of 530,000 yuan was taken at a price of 850,000 yuan. This transaction price hit a new high. .
According to official news, the central and state agencies canceled a total of 3,184 official vehicles. According to this calculation, there are still more than 2,000 central buses waiting to be filmed. As for the whereabouts of the auction proceeds, according to the introduction of the State Organs Administration Bureau in January this year, the income from the disposal of official vehicles will be turned over to the central treasury after deducting the relevant taxes and fees.

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