Security industry building intercom video surveillance into a trend

In the population-intensive metropolitan cities in the northern and southern areas, the demand for housing has been increasing year by year. The huge number of migrants has not only promoted the rapid development of low-end real estate resources in the first-tier cities, but also extended the complex industrial chain around the buildings. In particular, the development slogan of the “smart city” put forward by the state in the past two years has made it possible for markets other than real estate developers to make a living out of building security products. Xiaobian talked to everyone today about the development trend of security industry building intercom and video surveillance.
Smart cities strengthen low-end housing security system
With the maturity of IT intelligence technology, today's security systems are also accelerating. The building intercom products that were originally operated through a single line now rely on the strength of network technology, combined with video surveillance technology, to make the community security system more intelligent, and residents The safety factor also rises linearly.
The affordable housing mainly consists of three parts: price-limit housing, affordable housing, and low-cost housing. Developers conduct development and construction under limited profits. From the point of view of product demand, in addition to compliance with the requirements of the code, whether it is self-purchase or centralized sourcing by an engineering integrator, priority will be given to the ratio of product performance to price. Residents who purchase self-contained accommodation and improve demand are generally based on medium and small-sized units and ordinary commercial houses with medium and low prices. The supporting facilities for these houses are more economical, practical, reliable, and stable. From a product function point of view, the building intercom system from ordinary intercom, to black and white video intercom, color video intercom, currently upgraded to home intelligent terminals, product features tend to be diversified and integrated, the system is also independent The system has evolved into a networked system.
In fact, for ordinary users, some functions of the smart home terminal system are rarely used in daily life. Therefore, the construction of affordable housing will accelerate the development of mid-to-low-end intercom products. In the near future or for a long time in the future, the middle and low-end building intercom systems have a promising future.
Networking is getting closer
As the mainstream development technology of the current building intercom industry, networkization has been fully verified at the 2011 Shenzhen AMB. Various building intercom manufacturers have displayed the building intercom system and related products of TCP/IP networking. At present, enterprises adopt TCP/IP communication protocol in the intercom system, and can build a system network through LAN/WAN/Internet to realize remote network control and data transmission across floors, buildings, and cities.
The advantage of TCP/IP communication lies in the adoption of popular communication protocols of international standards. Theoretically, there are no restrictions on the number of networks and a wide range of networks. Cross-regional and cross-border networking can be realized. The communication speed is fast and it is suitable for large-scale systems. In addition, this kind of network communication has stable quality and strong anti-interference ability. If the user already has a local area network, he can use the existing network for networking. When adding points, technicians can easily and conveniently access the existing network system. However, after using the TCP/IP networking mode, the cost of building intercom equipment will be higher than that of RS485. If it is a large-scale system across regions, network management and network security will also become new issues.
According to people in the industry, in the large-scale building intercom system, the TCP/IP networking mode has obvious advantages compared with the RS485 networking mode, which can reduce the number of wire-laying projects. In addition, high-speed communication can achieve system information sharing, which facilitates technicians to manage the entire system. It also facilitates debugging of the system and allows the system to have great flexibility and facilitate system expansion. Therefore, networking will become the trend of building intercom technology in the future.
Multi-system integration is maturing
Due to the diversity of user application requirements and the continuous increase in security requirements, building intercom technology also presents a trend of diversification and integration. At present, the building intercom system is no longer simply confined to the call intercom function, but also needs to adapt to market demand for innovation, adding new features. Therefore, the building intercom system integrating functions such as access control, identification, and alarm will become an inevitable trend in the development of building intercom technology.
At present, in the building intercom system, many security and automation control technologies can be combined. The more common security and weak electronic systems are video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, fire linkage, building automation, elevator control, etc. Intercom system integration, to achieve linkage.
For example, the building intercom system is linked with the building automation to control the lighting or air conditioning equipment on or off the building; the building intercom system can lift the elevator up and down to the designated floor; the building intercom system can be linked with the alarm system when When an area alarms, the building intercom system can grant control to the alarm system and automatically close the access door of the alarm area to facilitate the pursuit of criminals. The building intercom system can also be linked with the fire alarm system when a fire occurs. The fire control system commands the access control door to open or close, creating conditions for the escape of the person and the isolation of fumes.
Industry insiders pointed out that real estate developers of smart buildings are increasingly inclined to build television surveillance, burglar alarms, access control systems, building intercoms, and smart car parks in the security industry on a single platform to achieve resource sharing to accommodate projects. The intelligent integrated design, integrated wiring and construction requirements, to avoid the waste of resources and the complexity of the project.
Intercom product selection guide
There is a lack of standards for residential intercom products, many products are not compatible, and quality is uneven. Therefore, for the project developers and real estate developers, it is important to purchase a good digital video intercom system.
The Strength of Manufacturers Many digital intercom systems work well in sample houses or showrooms, but they may not be acceptable in actual projects. TCP/IP-based digital intercoms often have difficulties in how sounds and images are handled, including eliminating echoes and avoiding image delays, which are not simple things. Therefore, before purchasing a product, should you check whether the company has a high level of R&D team? Is there an efficient management team? Have you done some representative projects?
The system is stable and reliable. Any product that is stable and reliable is the most fundamental. At present, there are more than one thousand households in the community, and there are even tens of thousands of households. If the system is unstable, problems often arise that will seriously affect the lives of community residents. Therefore, we must not only watch the display of products, but also investigate the mature cases on the ground. Therefore, to observe the case on the ground and listen to the voice of the owners will only buy it with confidence and live comfortably.
Product process design Since the intercom system has been integrated into our lives, the visual appearance of the digital video intercom system must be close to that of the home. First, users should be impressed with the appearance to leave a good impression on the user.
Excellent service of first-class enterprise, first-class service. The service largely influences the user's final decision, and the digital video intercom system has just entered the market. If the service is not good, the user may still use the analog video intercom system.
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