Drilling gold out of the ground

"Received a mandate to be carrying, confidence more difficult than large, there must be efforts to work, he was never discouraged setbacks, overcome difficulties and strive to complete the task." Recently, Lingbao Gold Co., Ltd. Nanshan Branch Mine West Qiangma In the interview with the author, Liu Zhengkui, the leader of the 14-pit production team, summed up his belief in underground construction.

Workers in the West 14 pit drilled in the stratified blasting stope.

In March of this year, Liu Zhengkui was transferred to the West 14 pit and was in charge of the four-stage inclined well mining and the fourth-level inclined well excavation work. After two months of trouble, the mining and excavation work in the area entered the normal state, and the production situation of the West 14 pit was improved.

Hard to mine

"To reverse the mindset of the workers, it is said that the three-level inclined wells are mine-free, and there are mines that are difficult to mine, but the mines are released according to reserves.

The actual situation is that the three grades of inclined wells have different thicknesses, and some have changed from "big cakes" to "sandwich biscuits". They must be rich and poor, and they must not be rich and poor. For the small group, in addition to the ore grade pricing, it is necessary to decide whether the mining ore is used for the final settlement, and eliminate the phenomenon that the team is picking and picking, and the weight is small.

At the same time as mining, it is necessary to analyze the direction of the veins and find new mining points. "The mine will hand over the mining area to the team, and the team is the master. We must dig the 'golden' deep into the mine." Liu Zhengkui arranged the team to find the ore according to the corresponding position of the mineralization. The veins were good and bad, but they never had Lose confidence, find more mines, increase the stope, and ensure sufficient mineral resources.

It is equipped with grassroots managers and workers to organize production. Liu Zhengkui arranged the production scheduling of the three production team leaders to work with the various working faces of the class. In addition to the production team leader, the company also assigned a class leader, which is responsible for the safety of the work surface. If there is an abnormal situation in the underground, the task of the shift is not completed, then the worker support will be mobilized from outside the pit, so that each shift will not be owed, and the day will be guaranteed.

Improve workers' working and living conditions and improve the efficiency of shifts. Liu Zhengkui is equipped with stoves and ingredients in the middle section of the underground for workers to add meals in the class to supplement their physical strength. Due to the long roadway and poor ventilation quality of a working face, in the case that the pit is not uniformly planned, the team will purchase the air duct to the working surface to improve the ventilation of the working surface. "To put the lives of workers in the heart, they have their own enthusiasm for labor." Liu Zhengkui said.

Monitor the quality of the ore and do not use unprofitable ore. Monitor the grade of ore from the source, and set the width according to the pulse width. The blasting ore should be made into blocks, so that there is no waste rock into the ore and can not be picked up. At the pit mine, a squad leader checks whether each can ore is mixed with waste rock. In order to distinguish the ore color, it is washed with water to distinguish it. If the grade after ore dressing differs greatly from the grade of the original ore, it is necessary to analyze the cause of the stope and adjust the mined amount.

Extremely thin ore mining is like competition

The mining of extremely thin ore bodies demonstrates the skills and responsibilities of workers. “Some of the stope starts at 70 cm and we are thinned to 10 cm. We use layered blasting until the ore is finished. This kind of mining is competitive,” says one driller. First, blast the waste stone at the top and bottom, and the eye should be 10 cm away from the ore. If the waste stone is separated from the ore, it should be 3 cm to 5 cm. The waste rock is not broken, and the blocks are collapsed, which is easy to pick out and knock out the remaining layers.

When stratified blasting costs a lot of time, it is necessary to think about ways to save labor. With the deepening of the mining, after the space has space, anchoring on the bottom plate, embedding the steel pipe to the roof, placing the pit wood as a fence, surrounding the waste rock, that is, filling the supporting roof, and accelerating the mining speed. Can reduce the cost of waste rock transportation. In addition, the funnel is drilled in the mining, and the ore is slid into the mine car from the funnel, which also reduces labor. The funnel and the uphill safe passage form a circular ventilation to ensure air quality.

Mining concentrates must suffer. Uphill angle, and hung by the iron ladder passage of workers carrying drills, blasting climbing items such as tools to the stope drilling is completed, the tool back out and shall prevent blast damage. When drilling, the top and bottom of the stope have a vertical height of only 1 meter. People can't stand the waist, and they can walk with the drill and hold it for 20 minutes. In the narrowest stop, the workers are on the floor and support the legs as drill pipes.

Deep underground excavation and high temperature warfare

The four-level inclined well excavation is the key project of the company. Due to the deep mine and high geothermal temperature, there is a rock burst phenomenon, and the labor intensity of the workers is large.

"After entering the work surface, for a few minutes, the clothes on the body are soaked by sweat, and the high heat makes the physical exertion fast." A driller described the sultry in the underground, "but the construction period cannot be delayed, relying on strict management."

In order to reduce the labor intensity, the project department is equipped with a slag-loading machine. The team is equipped with one production team leader, six drillers, one safety squad leader and three slag machine drivers to work on this work surface.

The safety squad leader is responsible for venting, pumping, and exhausting smoke to ensure that the work surface is safe and then work. There are 4 drillers per shift, two rigs are drilled at the same time, and the remaining two take turns shifting, so that the drillers can take off every four shifts to avoid fatigue.

The effect of the drilling is determined by the length of the class. According to a driller, according to the hardness of the rock, it is decided to arrange the drilling of the drill hole. The angle of the drill should be concentrated from the outside to the inside, which can increase the explosive power of the explosive at the bottom of the rock. There is no problem with the next round of supplements.

The driver of the skimmer is a full-time driver provided by the manufacturer. The equipment is well-maintained and repaired during drilling. It does not affect the use of slag. The shift cycle has achieved a seamless connection and improved the efficiency of the work; the shift was compressed from the previous 24 hours to 14 hours, and the progress was synchronized with the branch plan.

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