24K handsome, NASCAR champion awarded the Goodyear Golden Carriage Award

Speaking of the American motorsports, there is an event that cannot be ignored. That is the NASCAR game that the United States is eyeing. Every year, there are more than 150 million people watching live games, television ratings are far more than baseball, basketball and football and other sports, so some people call it the American "F1" game.

To express support for this campaign, Goodyear CEO Rich Kramer staged the 2017 NASCAR Cup Series champion Martin Truex in Las Vegas during the NASCAR Championship Week celebration. Jr. and Cole Pearn, Team Leader of the Furniture Row Racing Team, presented the Goodyear Golden Carriage trophy.

Goodyear Goodyear Gold Car Award

On the night of November 30, 2017, the most distinctive sports trophy, the Goodyear Gold Car Award, was presented to the hands of Martin Truex Jr., winner of the 2017 Ghost Crusher NASCAR Cup series championship. This is his occupation for the current year. The best affirmation of my career.

Truex is clearly the most dominant driver in this year's NASCAR top-level event. He has won eight games and 19 stages under this season's new rules. This is also the 2006 NASCAR Rookie of the Year Truex. A NASCAR cup champion.

Kramer stated in his speech that it is very difficult to win any Champions League due to speed requirements, fierce competition and the quality of the team.

To emphasize this point, he told Truex: "This is the sixth year of my speech, and you are the fifth driver standing by my side."

This coveted trophy is known as "the coolest trophy ever" and was commissioned by Goodyear on a quarterly basis by Mike Dunlap. Dunlap is a local designer in Toledo, Ohio, and has been designing gilded model cars for this series champion since 1985.

Darrell Waltrip received the first version of Goodyear's precious trophy, and he was amazed by the details of the trophy. The Truex received a precise replica of the No. 78 FurnitureRow Racing Toyota Camry.

Goodyear tires Goodyear Tire Show

The global racing tire general manager Stu Grant said: "The details Mike engraved on each personalized gold car are extraordinary. From the configuration of the seat to the position of the water bottle, Mike accurately perfected each winner's car. It is more like an artwork than a trophy."

This year is the 1/12 scale model of our hand-made cup championship in 24K gold in the 33rd year. The top events naturally need the top trophies to accompany them. Goodyear is still committed to the development of global motor sports. Whether it is F1 or NASCAR, the speed will not stop, and the glory will not go out.

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