Difficult to select low-grade bauxite for efficient use

Bauxite resources in Chongqing rich reserves of bauxite ore bodies have been identified reserves of 123 million tons. Bauxite mainly in the low grade ore with a high sulfur-based, low-grade ore, wherein more scandium, gallium, rare scattered elements content, some deposits also contains lithium, vanadium and the like. Endowments for poor bauxite ore resources in Chongqing, aluminum oxide, high production costs, low utilization of bauxite resources, the reality of the Chongqing Municipal Finance Bureau, Chongqing Municipal Land Resources and Housing Authority commissioned the Institute of comprehensive utilization of mineral Chengdu, China Geological Survey to carry out "in Chongqing bauxite aluminum scandium gallium utilization technology research" project aimed at development and research Xuanye new technologies, new processes, new agents, while ensuring efficient use of economic resources of aluminum, while the higher value ore scandium, gallium and other associated elements of comprehensive utilization, achieve low-grade bauxite in Chongqing (Al-Si ratio of 3 to 4) in the efficient use of the low-grade bauxite resources in the area of similar value would be enhanced. Finding efficient desiliconization products is at the heart of developing new technologies for low-grade bauxite. Last year the project team, to Buddha rock, bauxite ore ZHAOJIABA point in Chongqing for the study, the use of "anti-flotation desulfurization - flotation desilication - Bayer Process - mentioned sodium aluminate liquor gallium - The process of red mud lifting, carrying out a large number of laboratories and expanding the testing of the metallurgical process. The test results show that the self-developed floating sulfur activation agent has achieved remarkable results, and the high-efficiency bauxite collector has good collection ability and selectivity, and has good adaptability to Chongqing's difficult to use low-grade bauxite. Al-Si ratio of Chongqing from low grade 3 to 4, alumina-silica obtained ≥7 than the bauxite ore, aluminum oxide the recovery rates of 60% to 80%. Xuanye preliminary economic analysis shows that, in handling two million tons of ore dressing plant, an annual output of 1.184 million tons of aluminum ore.

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