Provide professional technical support for successful completion of the national pumping task in Ningxia Autonomous Region

[China Instrument Network Instrument Industry] Recently, the Ningxia Institute of Metrology Quality Inspection and Testing (hereinafter referred to as Ningxia Quality Management Institute) was appointed by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and assumed and completed the water meter and electric energy meter in the first quarter of 2018. National supervision sampling sampling task for four products of agricultural film and drip tape.

On the 3rd of January, after receiving a random sampling task, Ningxia Quality Management Institute quickly established the "National Implementation Plan for the First Quarter of 2018 in Ningxia Qianzhiyuan" to conduct special training for samplers and learn relevant policies, regulations, and information in real time. The operation of the system is passed to ensure that the sampling work is conducted rigorously and orderly. Readiness work, professional and technical personnel divided into two groups in accordance with the business directory, respectively went to the site to start work, a total of 23 production companies were verified, of which 16 companies stopped production, and finally completed the product sampling of 8 companies in 8 batches.
As of January 15, 2018, all samples and related documents have been sent to designated inspection agencies such as Shenyang Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and Ningbo Institute of Metrology and Measurement, and the National Supervision of Product Quality in Ningxia in the First Quarter of 2018 was promptly reported. Sampling the sample companies' reports, and the real-time video of the entire sampling process was sent back to the AQSIQ, successfully fulfilling the sampling task in the first strict sense of product quality inspection.
(Original title: Provide professional technical support to successfully complete the national pumping task)

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