Germplasm Resource Bank Provides Rich Germplasm Resources for Modern Seed Industry Innovation

Seeds are the most basic means of production in agricultural production activities, and they are also the most important means of production. Therefore, the development of agriculture requires not only good seed quality but also rich seed varieties. Therefore, further strengthening the innovation of modern seed industry and accelerating the upgrading of varieties will be of great significance for the modernization of China's agriculture. We know that agricultural breeding requires excellent genetic materials, that is, various germplasm resources. The application of germplasm resources can play an important role in the protection, conservation and utilization of germplasm resources and provide rich germplasm resources for the innovation of modern seed industry.

Germplasm resource bank

Germplasm resources are the material basis for the original innovation of agricultural science and technology and the development of modern seed industry. They are strategic resources for ensuring food security, building ecological civilization, and supporting the sustainable development of agriculture. Therefore, at this stage, it is particularly necessary to build a germplasm resource bank, strengthen the protection of germplasm resources by means of technology, and organize and appraise excellent germplasm resources, establish mature varieties of files, and screen high-quality resources for regional trials. . With rich germplasm resources as the basis, modern seed industry innovations are likely to take advantage of the trend and contribute to the modernization of agriculture.

China's germplasm resources are very rich, but the germplasm resources that have actually been exploited and utilized are very few, which restricts the innovative development of China's modern seed industry to some extent. Although some germplasm resources cannot be expanded at this stage and used, there may be some outstanding advantages, such as disease resistance, drought or high dry matter, low-reducing sugar, early maturing, etc., and the use of germplasm resources. Save them, and record these traits, organize the numbers, and then quickly develop new varieties, and find suitable parents for cross breeding. Therefore, to achieve modern seed industry innovation, it is necessary to emphasize the innovation of germplasm resources, and the application of germplasm resources is to promote the innovation of germplasm resources with the power of science and technology, promote the innovation of modern seed industry, and realize the grand goal of agricultural modernization as soon as possible. .

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