How to bridge the development gap in the instrumentation industry?

The Chinese instrumentation industry in 2011 will maintain its momentum of steady development and will not be as "fast" as it was in 2010. While the domestic instrumentation industry is under great competitive pressure under a good development background, and wants to have a place in the global market, there are many “gap” to cross.

At present, many imported high-end measuring instruments are 100% dependent on imports. According to statistics, the value of advanced equipment imported from foreign countries is nearly 600 billion RMB each year. Instruments with high-end technology or related to national security are prohibited from entering China, so currently The problems we face are mainly due to lack of scientific and technological content, poor ability to innovate, and relatively confusing markets. The domestic high-end scientific instrument industry basically loses its international competitiveness and lacks strong support for major national projects.

Divide one: traditional technology restricts the development of traditional instruments and meters, although it can temporarily meet the development of contemporary society, but there are big problems, product instability, product life and other issues, the traditional technology can not be updated in a timely manner, Although the problems that have arisen have had little impact on production, they have also brought great changes to the company. Some of the traditional technologies have been eliminated by the international community for many years, but they continue to be used in the country. One day, this lag will cause a fatal blow to the instrumentation industry.

Divide two: Although the investment of innovative instruments is less, although the instrumentation industry brings great benefits to the instrument, but a large part of the enterprises do not have the reason to pull out the funds, and the innovations put into instrumentation are blindly followed, and the innovations that are felt are not enterprises. The matter is a matter of national technology. Such an idea is bound to become a major factor hindering its development. Even if you find a problem, you don't want to invest a lot of money in this area.

Divide III: Shortage of Professional Talents There are few people in Chinese universities who attach importance to the curriculum of the instrumentation industry. There are serious problems in the training of instrument and instrument talents. Due to the strong practicality of instrumentation research and development, practice is rarely used in learning. The implementation of this will inevitably lead to the vacancy of talent in this area, which has brought about the consequences of the disconnection of the development chain to its development.

Divide four: technology behind the domestic instruments and meters used in the past should be eliminated technology, this development of enterprises, not only the cost increase, but also curb its root cause of innovation and research and development, only from the shackles of backward technology can be better To catch up with the international development, instrumentation can have a bright future.

Gap 5: Lack of innovation and development of R&D society requires a focus on technological innovation and R&D of high-end products. The innovation of instruments and meters is still far from enough. Although the country promotes scientific and technological innovation, it is only a synonym for development and a development of virtual performance in the eyes of human beings.

Divide VI; Too much propaganda to invest leads to indirect costs. The cost of instrumentation is not high, but when the output comes to the customer, it will be several times or even several times higher than the cost of production. The promotion cost accounts for the price of the product. Several times more than this, it is very unfavorable both for domestic development and international competition.

There is still a long way to go for the Chinese instrumentation industry to go beyond these development gaps. Although it is a difficult road, we believe that Chinese instrumentation operators will find a way out.

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