Metering Institute New Metering Standard Service Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

It is reported that in recent days, the Jiangsu Provincial Metrology Institute has newly established 4 meter measurement standards and has obtained a measurement standard assessment certificate, aiming to serve the transformation of service economy and energy-saving emission reduction, and accelerate the construction of social public measurement standards.

The four new measurement standards are: three-phase energy meter standard device, melting point analyzer verification device, wood moisture content meter verification device, and flow calculation device verification device. Among them, the three-phase energy meter standard device and the melting point detector verification device are the highest standards in the province. It is understood that the current maximum metering standard for electric energy meters in Jiangsu Province is 0.02, and the verification/calibration of 0.05-grade AC electric energy meters and AC electric energy meter verification devices can be carried out.

Jiangsu Institute of Metrology is a full-funded institution directly subordinated to the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It is a statutory metrological verification agency established by law. Its predecessor was the Jiangsu Province Metrology and Verification Institute established on October 11, 1956. After more than 50 years of construction, our institute has developed into a comprehensive metrology and technical institution with a national-level supervision and inspection center, five provincial-level inspection centers, and nearly 700 authorization verification and calibration projects.

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