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Dongfeng bully Wang Jin card flatbed truck

Variety Dongfeng Jinba low flatbed truck, Dongfeng Duolika low flatbed truck, Dongfeng 145 low flatbed truck, Dongfeng 153 low flatbed truck, Dongfeng front four rear four low flatbed truck, Dongfeng front four rear eight low flatbed transport The car and the liberation site have a variety of low-profile flatbed trucks, as well as semi-trailer low-level flatbed trucks with loads ranging from 3 tons to 30 tons. Flatbed trucks are used to transport construction machinery, excavators, forklifts, harvesters and other construction machinery. The rear part of the truck is equipped with ladders and legs. Suitable for long-distance transportation of construction machinery and some non-removable goods.

Troubleshoot low platen trailer semi-trailer and clutch troubleshooting
The chaos phenomenon is the most common fault phenomenon in manual transmissions. The phenomenon of chaos in the low-profile manual transmission refers to the fact that when the clutch technology is in normal condition, the transmission has two files at the same time, or hangs when the gear is needed. The stalls. There are few reasons for this kind of failure, so correspondingly, its elimination methods and solutions are much less. First, failure of interlocking devices: For example, fork shafts, interlocking pins, or interlocked balls have worn out. Second, excessive wear of the arcuate working surface at the lower end of the shift lever or excessive wear of the groove on the fork shaft. [1]
The third point is that the positioning pin of the gear head or the looseness of the ball hole or the ball head can also cause the phenomenon of skipping of the low plate manual transmission. In a word, the main cause of chaos is caused by the failure of the transmission control mechanism. With the above three points of analysis, we have to conduct a one-to-one diagnosis and exclusion. 1) When the gear is required to hang, the result is hung in another gear: Shake the shift lever and check its swing angle. If it is out of the normal range, the fault is caused by the ball pin and the positioning groove at the lower end of the shift lever. Caused by excessive head and hole wear.
If the shift lever of the manual transmission of the flatbed vehicle swings 360 degrees, the positioning pin breaks. 2) If the swing angle is normal, if it is still not hanging or the file cannot be removed, the fault is caused by the lower end of the shift lever coming out of the groove (because the lower curved working surface wears or the guide groove wears out). 3) At the same time, two files are engaged: the fault is caused by the failure of the interlock device. Difficulties in gearing are that the clutch technology is in good condition, but it cannot be smoothly engaged in the gear position when the gear is engaged, and gear collision noise often occurs. Synchronizer failure is one of the reasons for him.
The low plate transporter is reliably parked and pulls up a brake handle. Start the engine, send the machine to idle speed, press the clutch pedal, change to the 1st gear or reverse gear, check whether there is noise, whether the shift is stable. If there is noise or the shift is not smooth, it means that the clutch of the low plate transporter is not completely separated. At this time, the vehicle needs to be checked, including checking the free travel of the clutch pedal, checking the working condition of the clutch, and checking the liquid level of the clutch tank. Through these aspects, we can identify the causes and solve them.
After the low-level truck clutch hydraulic control system has been overhauled, air may enter the pipeline; it may also cause the hydraulic system to enter the air when the brake fluid is added. When the air enters, the clutch stroke of the master cylinder is shortened, that is, the working stroke of the pedal, so that the clutch of the low plate carrier is not completely separated. Therefore, after the hydraulic system is overhauled or when it is suspected that the hydraulic system enters air, the air in the hydraulic system must be removed. The specific exclusion methods are as follows: Let us analyze each one:
1) Add the brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir to the specified height and raise the low plate transporter; 2) Install a hose on the purge valve of the cylinder to a container containing brake fluid Inside; 3) The exhaust air needs two people to work together. One person slowly steps on the clutch pedal several times and feels resistance when he is not moving. The other person loosens the air release valve until the brake fluid starts to flow out, and then tightens and deflates. Valve; 4) Operate the continuous number several times according to the above method, until no air bubbles are seen in the outflowing brake fluid; 5) After the air has been eliminated, it is necessary to check again and adjust the free travel of the pedal; 6) This is the last step, again Check the height of the liquid level in the master cylinder reservoir and add it if it is not high enough.

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