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According to reports, the five-star heat pump dryer can collect more than three times its own energy-consuming air from the air. The heat energy collected from the air heats the air in the drying room and is used for drying items. This is a proprietary technology that Guangdong Five Star Solar Co., Ltd. has successfully introduced as a drying control system automatic control system through research and development, and the above functions can be realized only by using one yuan of electric energy.

Related test data show that the power consumption of five-star heat pump baking is 1/2 to 2/3 less than that of electric heating bake, and the operating cost required to remove 1 kg of water on average is 1.42 yuan for electric heating. The coal boiler is 0.7 yuan, 1.26 yuan for thermal oil boiler, 0.795 yuan for natural gas, and only 0.45 yuan for five-star high-temperature heat pump

Drying technology is based on machinery as the main means, using the corresponding process and technical measures, artificially control the temperature, humidity and other factors, under the premise of not harming the quality of food, reduce the grain moisture content, make it reach the national safe storage standard of drying technology, materials The drying process is a huge process of energy consumption. In most developed countries, the energy consumed for drying accounts for 7%-15% of the total national energy consumption, while the thermal efficiency is only 25%-50%. This not only results in energy waste, but also affects the color, nutrition, flavor, and texture of some of the heat-sensitive materials (such as food and biological materials) that are dried. Therefore, how to achieve double breakthroughs in energy saving and thermal efficiency, and ensure the quality of materials in the drying process, has gradually become a difficult problem in the drying technology. .

At present, medical silicone hoses for medical and medical enterprises in Hainan are drying, intensive baking for tobacco companies in Guizhou, drying operations for Guangdong-flavored companies, drying of crab shells in Jiangsu, drying of blankets for Tibetan companies, and glutinous, chili, and betel nuts from various provinces. Drying operations such as preserved fruit, honeysuckle, medicinal materials, and noodles are all equipped with five-star heat pump drying equipment.

Since 2009, China's air energy manufacturers formally involved in the development of heat pump dryers. It is an extension product of air heat pumps. High efficiency and energy saving are its outstanding advantages. Heat pump dryers use electric power to drive the fan to absorb the heat in the air and drive the compressor to do work, which can achieve the free heat of several degrees from the air to upgrade several times as much as the power consumption.

“According to the current situation of domestic drying equipment, many companies still rely on traditional drying methods such as firewood, coal, oil, and electricity, which are energy-consuming and polluting. In addition, the government’s emphasis on environmental protection in recent years. It also does not allow companies to exchange economic benefits at the expense of the environment. Finding new energy alternatives is the fundamental way out. Five-star heat pump dryer equipment is pollution-free, and it can meet this demand,” said Hu Guangliang, chairman of Wuxing.

According to reports, compared to the use of firewood, coal, and oil drying, five-star drying equipment has achieved a low occupancy space, unattended operation, high drying quality, zero pollution, etc. without increasing energy consumption or even reducing energy consumption. Environmental protection requirements; For companies using infrared drying, it is difficult to control the temperature and quality, due to excessive power consumption in the drying process, so that the load is too high often need to replace the heating tube, and a 5P five-star heat pump drying Dry machine, 4.9 kilowatts of input power can replace 18 kilowatts of electric drying room, completely solve the energy consumption problem on the equipment. The five-star heat pump dryer can achieve temperature, humidity, and drying time in the production line. The machine uses a high-temperature, high-humidity, two-speed fan to facilitate the design and implementation of complex drying processes, thereby improving quality and shortening drying time. In addition, a five-star heat pump dryer has a variety of functions at the same time, to adapt to the complex process requirements of low temperature dehumidification, high temperature drying, constant temperature and humidity, variable temperature and humidity, can achieve a flexible combination of drying methods, suitable for a variety of drying Dry objects.

“Five-star dryers have significant value-added effects in the drying process, and are usually achieved by increasing the drying grade of drying products, increasing the qualification rate, and shortening the drying time. Taking honeysuckle and drying as an example, the use of five-star drying dryer Dry, a fifteen cubic meters of drying room to feed one thousand kilograms of honeysuckle, heat pump drying compared with the soil barn, you can more than one product forty kilograms, according to the current price difference, the value of 3200 yuan, drying It will be more convincing and more enticing than energy conservation when it is done 10 times.” Hu Guangliang revealed that the five-star programming controller can already achieve automatic drying and remote control.

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