Analysis of Common Problems and Maintenance Methods in the Use of CNC Precision Grinding Machine

During the use of CNC precision grinding machines, many users have reflected the problem of grinding machine vibration, resulting in a variety of reasons for CNC precision grinding machine vibration, the following are the three major reasons for the Xiaobian finishing:

First, first check the ground level. If the leveling screw of the CNC precision grinder is not adjusted properly, it will cause resonance. Because sometimes the ground level of the processing site is not very good, we must adjust the horizontal screw to make the CNC precision grinding machine reach an uneven height. First of all, we must check whether each screw of the floor pin is in place into the floor mat. Before and after using the spirit level to lay down, whether the left and right are horizontal, tighten the screws.

Second, if the above actions are performed, the vibrations are still not eliminated. We should check whether the ground floor space is too low. If the ground is a terrazzo or a paving slab, it will be relatively strong. If it is cement ground, the ground will be empty. Cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? Go to the rubber hardware store to buy a few black rubber pads, about 6-10 millimeters thick, 10 centimeters in size and slightly larger than the size of the floor mats. Loosen the anchor screws and place the rubber pads under the horizontal floor mats. It can play a great role in shock absorption.

Third, if the vibrations are not eliminated after the above actions are taken, we must check the problems of the CNC precision sander and the flange of the grinding wheel. The first is the grinding wheel. Since the quality of the grinding wheel on the market is uneven, there are generally two factors that affect the vibration of the grinding wheel: one is that the grain size of the grinding wheel is not uniform, and the center of gravity of the grinding wheel is not stable, causing vibration; the other is that the inner hole is not standard large. For example, our grinder flange diameter requirement is 31.75, and if the grinding wheel is 32, it will jump up and down to cause vibration. We must ask the specifications when we purchase the grinding wheel. It is recommended to buy a good quality grinding wheel. First, the bad grinding wheel affects the processing effect; Second, the risk of cracking and explosives occurs in the grinding process; Third, the poor balance of the grinding wheel will badly affect the life of the grinding spindle.

CNC precision grinding machine is widely used in the machine tool industry. In daily production and life, in order to prevent various problems in use, operators should pay attention to the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of CNC precision grinding tools.

The maintenance work of the CNC precision grinding machine is divided into two different stages: the early stage and the later stage. Different work needs to be done at different stages. Only if the division of labor is reasonable can the high-efficiency maintenance effect of the CNC precision grinder be achieved.

In the first stage, clean the cooling pump iron hopper, accessories and water tank and check the coolant, clean and adjust the grinding head and grinding head insert;

2, cleaning oil filter, disk, bed and rail surface, hydraulic pumps, pipelines and oil lines;

3, check and adjust the pressure of the pressure valve, check the hydraulic handle and guide rail is flexible;

4, check the travel speed and guide rail oil status;

5, fastening the screws;

6, CNC precision grinding machine inside and outside the Department of cleaning, filling the various parts of lubricants.

Later stage 1, grinding wheel bearing clearance adjustment inspection;

2. Grind the workbench countertops and scratch the burrs on each guide rail surface;

3, check the oil pump and the pipeline joints, check and adjust the feeding mechanism screw nut clearance;

4. Clean the grinder motor and electrical equipment.

5, regular inspection of the fuselage at work is not stable, whether level.

6, grinding machine guide rail oil should be replaced and added, generally see oil mirror oil if it is cloudy or black to be replaced, time control in 3-6 months to replace once for the first time in the third month, 6 months later.

7. It is forbidden to use a fan to blow against the worktable to prevent the dust iron scraps from rewinding into the guide rail and affect the accuracy and feel of the guide rail.

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