· Toyota recalled in the US due to gearbox/steering system failure

According to reports, due to the failure of the gearbox and steering system of some models, Toyota has recently recalled 112,500 vehicles in the United States.

Toyota said the recall involved 110,000 2015 Camry, Camry hybrid, Highlander, Highlander hybrid and RAV4 from 2014 to 2015, and 2,500 RAV4 electric vehicles from 2012 to 2014.

The recalled RAV4 electric vehicle traction device component software has defects, which may cause the car gearbox to switch to neutral and increase the risk of collision. The electric power steering system boards of other models are damaged during the production process, which may cause the power steering function to be lost, posing a safety risk.

Toyota said that as of now, the company has not received any reports of accidents or casualties caused by the above-mentioned faults, and has notified the owner of the faulty vehicle to update the relevant software and replace the relevant parts.


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