Spectrophotometer for Analysis Instrument Infrared Spectrophotometer (RAY-60)

  • Model NO.: RAY-60
  • Warranty: > 1Year
  • Advantage: High Sensitive
  • Wavelengths: Infrared Spectrometer
  • Light Number: Monochromator
  • Customized: Customized
  • G.Weght: 65kg
  • Transport Package: Wooden Box
  • Origin: Shanghai, China
  • Application: Laboratory Apparatus
  • Detection Method: Spectrophotometer
  • Principle: New Spectrometer
  • Dispersive Element: Interferometer Spectrometer
  • Certification: RoHS, ISO9001, CE
  • Size: 710mm X 560mm X 252 Mm
  • Trademark: RAYLABEL or OEM
  • Specification: ISO9001 and CE
Set the parameter, baseline scan, spectrum scan, fixed point measure, measure the Spectrum and spectral smooth, spectral differential, Spectral calculation, read data, Peak detection and so on.

Wavelength range: 800 nm - 2500 nm;
Wavelength accuracy: ± 1.5 nm;
Wavelength repeatability: 1.0 nm
Resolving power: ≤ 0.8nm (on1000nm, slit 0.2mm)
100% Line Straightness: ± 0.5 %T
Stray light: ≤ 1%T( on 1690 nm )
Spectral bandwidth: Wide\normal\narrow\very narrow
Scan interval: 2.0nm, 1.0nm, 0.5nm, 0.2nm, 0.1nm
Measure mode: Absorbance, transmittance, energy
Scan speed: Very fast, fast, medium, Slow and very slow
Scan mode: Repeatedly scan, continuously scan, time scan
Dimensions: 710mm x 560mm x 252 mm
Pondera: 62 kg
Power requirements: 220V± 22V, 50Hz± 1 Hz
Computer: General computer with two interface of Universal Serial Bus
Spectrophotometer for Analysis Instrument Infrared Spectrophotometer (RAY-60)
Spectrophotometer for Analysis Instrument Infrared Spectrophotometer (RAY-60)

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