Plastic Granulator/PE Crusher of Recycling Machine with Ce PC3280

Model NO.: PC3280
Condition: New
Painting: Variety of Coating Solutions
Trademark: 3E
Transport Package: Standard Seaworthy Packing(Wooden Box/ Nude Pack)
Specification: According to the actual size
Origin: China
HS Code: 84778000
3E MACHINERY's PC26-PC42 series granulator is our conventional range of small-medium size granulators. The body of the machine is made of welded by rigid steel structure. Suitable for processing a wide range of materials including: Plastic lump, sheet, plastic film, paper, rubber, tire, metal, etc.
heavy duty, high speed precision granulation machine designed for the rapid size reduction of various types of material in a single pass. The material is cut cleanly between the rotor and stator knives, and cut down to a homogenous regrind size determined by the screen holes on the fitted screen.


Plastic Granulator/PE Crusher of Recycling Machine with Ce PC3280

Plastic Granulator/PE Crusher of Recycling Machine with Ce PC3280
Item                   Model PC2660 PC3260 PC3280 PC4280 PC42100 PC42120
Dimension L/W/H(mm) 1483×1328×1740 1486×1368×1711 1586×1568×1814 1770×1642×2425 1770×1842×2425 1760×2221×2530
Cutting Chamber C/D(mm) 634×437 634×475 834×475 834×540 1034×540 1234×425
Height of discharge port E(mm) 1567 1269 1369 1842 1842 1947
Rotor Diameter (mm) φ260 φ320 φ320 φ420 φ420 φ420
Main Shaft Speed (r/min) 584 444 627 466 466 462
Screen Mesh (mm) φ8 φ12 φ12 φ12 φ12 φ12
Rotor-knives (pcs) 3×2 3×2 3×2 3×2 3×2 3×2
Stator-knives (pcs) 2×2 1×2 2×2 2×2 2×2 2×2
Main Motor Power (kw) 15 15 22 37 45 75
Weight (kg) 960 1470 1730 2800 3230 3650


Plastic Granulator/PE Crusher of Recycling Machine with Ce PC3280

Plastic Granulator/PE Crusher of Recycling Machine with Ce PC3280



Plastic Granulator/PE Crusher of Recycling Machine with Ce PC3280
  3E MACHINERY was awarded 18utility model patents and 3 invention patents.

Our service
1.Pre-sale support
  3E Machinery consists of experienced specialists, we will offer a suitable solution according client's requirement in time.
  On-site inspection.
2. After-sale service
  3E's skilled technicians are available to assist with onsite installation, commissioning & training on request. This will enable customers to optimize the performance of their new plant. Customers will be briefed on all aspects relating to operation and maintenance by a 3E technician. Dimensional drawings together with service requirements will be provided prior to delivery of the equipment. This will allow the customer to prepare the site and allow them to commence production in a timely fashion. 
  3E holds a adequately inventory of spare parts and their efficient service personnel will ensure that any required part will be dispatched without delay. Delivery of the spare parts may be by air, sea or courier depending on the urgency of the situation. Customers are encouraged to hold their own critical spare parts such as granulator blades and screens to ensure optimal machine condition and performance.
3. Technical support
  3E provides enough hardware resource especially for large-scale production lines, clients can carry out installation, commissioning and acceptance before delivery.
  Regular return visit.

Company profile

Plastic Granulator/PE Crusher of Recycling Machine with Ce PC3280
 3E GROUP is an integrated company specialized in developing, manufacturing, distributing and providing recycling machinery solutions. Our main entity " Guangzhou 3E Machinery CO. Ltd" founded in 2003, has currently become focusing on "Shredding" and "Recycling industry" modern enterprise.
Technology is the core-competitiveness of 3E Group, we are active in the recycling market and keep cooperating with well-known enterprises in Europe and the USA. Meanwhile, 3E Group keeps on improving and innovating, so far, we awarded 18utility model patents and 3 invention patents.
"Efficient Economical & Environmental" is the traditional idea of 3E Group. With its own intellectual property and solid technological team, our products have been already sold to over 90 regions and countries which include the USA, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Middle East.


A shaft is a rotating machine element, usually circular in cross section, which is used to transmit power from one part to another, or from a machine which produces power to a machine which absorbs power.[1] The various members such as pulleys and gears are mounted on it.

Transmission shafts are used to transmit power between the source and the machine absorbing power

Spindles are crucial parts for your lawn mower cutting deck that work together with the pulleys and belts to perform clean and even mowing.

Our shaft/ axle/ spindle we made normally applied on the transmissions, lawn mowers, trucks, excavator and other vehicles, etc. 

The materials we used are normally mild steel. When high strength is required, an alloy steel such as nickelnickel-chromium or chromium-vanadium steel is used.

Shafts are generally formed by not rolling and finished to size by cold drawing or turning and grinding.

Some of the spindles are applied forging castings to save costs.

 Main of our customers are from USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, German and Chinese domestic market.

Shaft / Spindle

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