Reliable Wheel Barrow Tire (4.80/4.00-8)

Model NO.: 4.80/4.00-8
Load Capacity: 100-200kg
Surface Handling: Plastic
Certification: ISO, SGS, CCC; SNI; Inmetro; DOT; CNAS;
Trademark: BIGBIZ or OEM
Transport Package: The Tire by Wrap Paper, The Tube by Bag/Carton
Specification: ISO9001: 2008 quality system
Origin: Qingdao, China
HS Code: 4011400000
Reliable Wheel Barrow Tire 4.80/4.00-8.

SIZE: 16"x4.00-8

Product Description
1. High tensile strength and good elasticity
2· Excellent air tightness
3· Long useful life
4· Free sample will be offered to check our quality
5· We passed CCC; E4; SNI; INMETRO; ISO; DOT; CNAS; SGS etc certificate
Reliable Wheel Barrow Tire (4.80/4.00-8)

1· Made of Rubber
2· Plastic/Metal Hub
3· Excellent Load Capacity
4· Popular new pattern and rich size
5· Excellent wear resistance
6· Long useful life
7· Widely Usage: Used for heavy load capacity machine
8· Free sample will be offered to check our quality
· 100% quality guarantee
Reliable Wheel Barrow Tire (4.80/4.00-8)

Hot Selling Size

3inch: 3"
4inch: 4"
5inch: 5''X1.5''
6inch: 6"x1.5", 6''X2''
7inch: 7x1.5", 7x2"
8inch: 8''X2.80/2.50-4, 8x1.75", 8x2", 8x2.2", 8x2.5", 8x3"
10inch: 10''X3.00-4, 10''X3.50-4, 10x1.75", 10x2", 10x2.5"
11inch: 11''x4.00-4
12inch: 12''x3.50-5, 12"x1.75", 12x2", 12x3"
13inch: 13''x3.00-6, 13''x3.50-6, 13''x4.00-6, 13''x5.00-6, 13''x3.00-8, 13''x3.25-8, 13x2.5", 13x3"
14inch: 14''x3.50-8, 14x3", 14.5x2.3"
15inch: 15''x6.00-6, 15''x6.50-6, 15x3"
16inch: 16''x4.00-8, 16''x4.50-8, 16''x4.80-8, 16''x6.50-8, 16''x7.50-8
Reliable Wheel Barrow Tire (4.80/4.00-8)

What We Have

1· China Leading Producing Technology
2· Super High Quality
3· Competitive Price
4· Big Production Ability
5· Fast Delivery
6· Ten Years' Export Experience
7· Excellent Sale and After-sale Service
8· OEM Available

Company Information

Qingdao Bigbiz Tire Co., Ltd. Is located in Zhangjialou Town Jiaonan Qingdao City China. Since 2003, as the market leader in manufacturer trolley wheel, pneumatic rubber wheel, motorcycle tires and motorcycle tubes, we provide not only high quality goods but also more additional benefits for our clients and partners.
Reliable Wheel Barrow Tire (4.80/4.00-8)


1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
QINGDAO BIGBIZ TIRE CO., LTD. Is a professional factory of motorcycle tire / tyre, tube and all kinds of rubber wheel since 2003.

2. Can I be your agent?
Yes, welcome to deep cooperation. We have big promotion of BIGBIZ brand in the market now. For the details please contact with our overseas manager.

3. Is OEM available?
Yes, OEM is available. We have professional designer to help your brand promotion.

4. Is the sample available?
Yes, samples are available for you to test the quality.

5. Are the products tested before shipping?
Yes, all of our tire and tube was qualified before shipping. We test every batch every day.

6. What's your quality guarantee?
Our tire reach GB518-2007, GBT521-2012, GBT13203-2007 quality standard.
Our tube reach GB/T7036-2007 quality standard.
We have 100% quality guarantee to customers. We will be responsible for any quality problem.

7. What's benefit will you bring?
Your client satisfied on the quality.
Your client continued orders.
Your can get good reputation from your market and obtain more orders.

Our Services
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact with us.
Hot selling:
3.00-8 130/60-13 TL 3.25-16 60/100-17 TT/TL  2.50-18  120/90-18 
3.50-8 2.25-14 3.50-16 70/70-17  2.75-18 TT/TL  2.25-19 
 4.00-8  2.75-14 4.10-16 70/90-17 3.00-18 2.50-19
3.00-10 TT/TL  70/90-14 90/100-16 70/80-17  3.25-18 TT/TL 2.75-19
3.50-10 80/80-14  110/90-16 TT/TL  70/100-17 3.50-18 3.00-19
4.00-10  80/90-14 2.1/4-17 80/80-17 TT/TL 360H18 TT/TL 3.75-19
80/90-10 80/100-14 2.25-17 80/90-17 4.00-18 70/100-19
90/90-10 TT/TL 80/100-14TL 2.50-17 90/80-17 TT/TL 4.10-18 90/90-19 TT/TL
135-10  90/80-14 TT/TL  2.75-17  90/90-17 60/80-18 2.75-21
2.75-12 TL 90/100-14 3.00-17 100/80-17 TT/TL 80/80-18 3.00-21
3.50-12 130/90-15 TT/TL 3.25-17 100/100-17 80/100-18 TT/TL 80/90-21
4.00-12 20*2.125-16  4.60-17 110/80-17 TT/TL  90/90-18 TT/TL 90/90-21
4.50-12 2.1/4-16 45/70-17  110/90-17 TT/TL  100/90-18 TT/TL   
 5.00-12 2.25-16 50/80-17 120/90-17 100/100-18  
120/70-12 TL  2.50-16 60/70-17 130/70-17 TL 110/80-18  
130/60-12 2.75-16 60/80-17 2.1/4-18 110/100-18  
130/70-12 TL 3.00-16  60/90-17 2.25-18 120/80-18  

Reliable Wheel Barrow Tire (4.80/4.00-8)

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