EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Model NO.: XD
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Product Type: Wood
Trademark: chuangxin
Transport Package: Container
Specification: XD
Origin: China
HS Code: 84748090


Wall Board Production: 
1) Wide raw material resource 
2) Easy process technology 
3) Skillful installation engineer

New-type (Mgo) Sandwich Wall Panel/fiber cement sandwich wall board machine
I. Equipment Feature
This machine adopts the technology of double-drive double-roller-extruding, and the product is formed once after sizing, material feeding, spreading no-woven cloth, compounding and repressing. The equipment runs stablely with high automatization degree, and the specification of its product can be adjusted arbitrarily. The equipment actually realizes the industrial production-line of new model building wall board, and the product have even and glazed surface with high compactness. The equipment largely reduces the labor intensity of worker and thoroughly changes many shortages of the former casting forming with upright mould or flat mould, such as large mould usage, low recycling rate, required electrical heating or steam heating, single kind of product as well as the sound insulation and heat-preserving which don't meet the market requirements
   EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line
EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line
II. Project Feature 
1. The source of the production raw materials is widely with no regional restriction. The product is made of sawdust, straw (rice hulls), many kinds of crop straw and inorganic material (such as talcum powder, infusorial earth and powder coal ash) after special technology. So this project have low production cost, small investment and fast effectiveness.
2. The equipment has high automatization degree, simple production technology, low labor intensity and production line, and there is no noise and three-wastes (waste water, waste gas and waste residue) during production.
3. Low production energy consumption. With the influence of chemical reaction, it can meet the requirements about production technology without high temperature and high pressure.
III. Product Feature and Performance
1 Air-dry density ≤ (Standard index)50kg/m2 (Test Value) 30.0kg/ m2
2 Drying shrinkage rate of the board ≤0.08% 0.015%
3 Anti-breaking load ≥1400N 5640N
4 Anti-impact No breakage phenomenon such as cracking after three impacts No breakage phenomenon such as cracking after three impacts
5 Thermal resistance of main section  (T=90mm) ≥1.35(m2.k)/w ≥1.36(m2.k)/w
6 Thermal bridges area ratio ≤8% 2.22%
7 Sound reduction Index   36dB
8 Radioactivity   None

   EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line
EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line
(II) Feature
1. Anti-earthquake with light quality: In view of its weight per unit area is only 1/10 of red brick wall, the product has good anti-earthquake performance. It can be used at low-rise building and high-rise building, and it is preferred to be used at workshop with steel frame structure. It can replace the color steel plate with its better performance.
2. Fast and convenient operation: It can be installed by board or combination with the dry method, and the product can be nailed, cut, planed, drilled and sticked. 
3. Low comprehensive cost: The product is made of agricultural and industrial wastes, so the production cost is low. With the low load of girder and short construction period, it can reduce over 20% of engineering cost after compared with solid brick and hollow brick.
4. Energy-saving and environmental protection: The production processing need no high temperature and high pressure. Being a green environmental-protection energy-saving building materials, the product has no toxicity, harm, pollution and radioactivity.
5. Increasing the usage area: Under the same condition of heat-preserving and sound insulation, with the thinner plate, the product can increase over 10% usage area after compared with the same building.
6. Having the following features: fireproofing, water-proof, anti-impact, acid & alkali resistant and anti-aging.
IV. Production Conditions
Wall board production line has workshop and raw material warehouse. Workshop: over 300m2-800 m2, worker: 10-16 person; fresh water; electricity:8-20KW
V. Benefit Analysis
 (I) Cost accounting
Raw material: 19-25 Yuan/ m2 (according to different thickness); Wage: 1 Yuan/ m2
Water-electricity fee: 0.5 Yuan/ m2; Depreciation of the equipment: 0.2Yuan; Management fee: 1 Yuan/ m2
Total: 21.7 Yuan~27.70 Yuan/ m2
 (II) Profit analysis: (Take the small-scale equipment as example), production: 800 m2 per day, at the price of 58 Yuan/ m2 to sell, and then the profit per day is that 800 m2 ×58 Yuan/ m2-800 m2×21.7~27.70=29040~24240 Yuan.
V. Attention
1.  Sign the contract printed by Industry and Commerce Bureau.
2.  Provide many kinds of certification materials about state-level test report.
3. According to eight-hour production and automation degree, the light quality heat-preserving composite wall board equipment can be divided into large, middle and small scale for your selection. We will carry out one dragon service include technology, equipment, installation and testing to ensure the qualified product.

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