Reeling Machine Machinery Safety Technical Code of Practice

1. Wear protective gear before work.

2. Check whether the machine tool is not good or not, whether the two screws are balanced, and the protective cover must not be disassembled.

3. Check whether the reeling board is suitable, then open the empty car and test it for 2~3 minutes.

4. When turning on the machine tool, it is not allowed to adjust the silk plate or the machine tool;

5. While the reed plate is in operation, it is not allowed to touch the rotating workpiece and the reeling machine by hand or tool.

6. Before stopping the reeling, supply of the blank should be stopped first, and the power supply can be turned off until the two reeling wires are pulled without a blank.

7. Due to temporary power outages or breakdowns and other reasons, there are blanks between the reeling boards and the correct method should be adopted to troubleshoot the blanks.


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