Xugong Technology paver technology made a major breakthrough

Recently, the world's first “all-digital control” asphalt concrete paver with the integration and advanced control technology of leveling integrated by Xugong Technology Pavement Company and German MOBA Company was born in the pavement company, and has now entered the small batch market. Trial phase.

The successful development of this technology marks that the technology of Xugong paver has reached a new level. It also shows that the product development strategy of Xugong paver “targeting international cutting-edge technology and keeping pace with development” has entered a new stage. It is particularly encouraging that the “all-digital control” asphalt concrete paver has made a major breakthrough in control technology, and many technologies have reached the international leading level. After the machine is successfully introduced to the market, it will break the core of the paver. The situation of technology monopolization by foreign countries has greatly enhanced the international competitiveness and market brand image of Xugong pavers.

After the market research and feasibility analysis, the “all-digital control” asphalt concrete paver project was approved by the joint-stock company in March 2000 and was jointly developed with the German MOBA company. The technical plan was determined in June 2000. After the work content was planned and divided, the project officially entered the development stage. During the period, the two sides had several technical exchanges and joint debugging between Xuzhou and Germany.

In November 2002, the first generation of digital prototypes was completed. In the following two years, the project team carried out functional expansion and technical upgrades of the prototypes, and after repeated trials and tests, analysis and research and multiple design improvements, it was completed in September 2004. The second-generation prototype was trial-produced. In November 2004, the prototype was successfully exhibited at the Shanghai International Construction Machinery Exhibition. From November 2004 to May 2005, the project team conducted industrial tests and design improvements on the prototype. The work has basically ended. In the past five years, the members of the research team have not experienced many sleepless nights to overcome the technical problems. They have experienced numerous failures, overcome the difficulties that ordinary people cannot imagine, and have achieved exciting scientific research results.

The all-digital control technology is the world's first. In addition to all the functions of the latest “DPM” of international advanced companies in the industry, it also has automatic leveling integrated control, vertical seam automatic control, remote communication and control, and good human-computer interaction interface. ——Touch keyboard, display dialog box, job quality analysis, automatic steering, work data monitoring, comprehensive fault diagnosis with data transmission, and many other world-leading technologies.

In particular, the control technology uses the CAN bus technology with multi-CPU control. The host and leveling system adopts integrated control. Using fuzzy control theory, the various factors affecting the leveling are connected with the leveling system, and the automatic controlled objects participate in the leveling. Control, so that the leveling system works in the best state, realizes multi-factor intelligent control, and greatly improves the paving precision. Therefore, the machine has originality in automatic leveling and is in a leading position in the world today. The achievements of this project are some common technologies for engineering machinery, and have extensive promotion and use value in engineering machinery products.

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